Elephant protection system

This elephant caping system ensures protection from element attack Most of the elephants first hit the intermediate post by leg or dry wooden sticks. This system protects fence reel insulator, corner strain insulator, aluminum tightener, fence ACSR Ht wire. We recommend this type of fence system for the high-risk area. At the same time, you must use an iintechdefence solar fencing energizer or zatka machine and high-quality solar fencing materials. This type of precaution will ensure your electric fencing system trouble-free.

Solar fencing materials

We believe superior quality solar fence materials always best for your safety. We supply intermediate post, Main post, corner strain ss insulator, joint clomp, lighting diverter kits, electric fence wires, earth kit, reel insulator, and DVM meters. Don’t forget if you compromise any one of that item’s quality it will spoil your health of the solar electric fencing system, always ask for technical details of solar fence materials before installing it.

How to choose the correct solar fencing design for your farmland.

As our experience, you should design your fence before buying fence materials. Fence design is important to build a strong electric fence. first, you consider the purpose of the electric fence, is your farmland chance to attack wild animals, if yes what kind of animals, or if you want to protect from stealing attacks or just protect your farm from trespassing .next about the terrain, is it plain or stepped. all types of land can be protected by a solar electric fence but a lot of design suggested by expert . if you design your fence properly it will give the best and safe security of your perimeter also very cost-effective.

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